Port regulations

These Regulations applying to the Freight Port of Koper set forth the internal rules for safe and uninterrupted port operation and regulate the following areas in particular:   

-          arrival of ships and vessels;

-          berthing of ships and vessels;

-          anchoring of ships and vessels;

-          shifting and warping of ships and vessels;

-          repair work on ships, vessels and other vehicles in the port area;

-          activities performed by third parties in the Freight Port of Koper area;

-          handling accidents;

-          environmental protection;

-          waste handling;

-          dangerous goods and hazardous substances;

-          supply of ships and other means of transport;

-          use of fuel in the port;

-          noise;

-          occupational health and safety, fire safety;

-          port protection and safety; entry, movement and stay in the port;

-          traffic in the port area;

-          prohibited activities;  

-          exceptional occurrences;

-          removal of a person from the port and withdrawal of entry permit;

-          supervision and implementation of these Regulations. 

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