The Cruise industry is for the Slovenian tourism a relevant source of revenue


Koper, 5th November 2014 - On the annual basis, the Slovenian economic operators, involved in the cruise industry, earn more than five million euros. This is resulting from the study of the Italian research and consulting company  Risposte Turismo, active in the tourist macro-industry, entitled »Economic effects of the Cruise Terrminal of the Port of Koper on the local community and the wider Slovenian economy«. Luka Koper ordered the said study in the framework of the European project Adria-A. The findings of the study were presented by its author, prof. Francesco Di Cesare, a recognized tourism professional, lecturer at the University Ca' Foscari in Venice and president of the Risposte Turismo company.

The study, which was drawn up during this year season of cruise ships, is founded on the replies of  more than 1200 respondents, cruise passengers who visited Koper this year. At their arrival in Koper, only 39 percent of passengers chose the guided excursions, whilst the majority visits the town of Koper and the Coast at their own.
From the sample of passengers interviewed it had been estimated, from organised excursions to indipendent visits, that an average of 56,7 euro of local expenses is made by the cruisers. Considering also the local purchases made by the crew and the cruiseship expenses while berthing in Koper, borne by the shipowner, and dividing all of them for all the passengers, for each cruiser in Koper, the value raises to 78 euros (total direct economic impact of cruising in Koper).

On an annual basis, the Slovenian economy has gained 3.7 milllion euros generated by cruise ships. The Cruise industry is therefore defined as one of the focal points of the Slovenian tourist strategy, explained the head of the tourism sector at the agency SPIRIT, Mrs. Karmen Novarlić, who praised the excellent cooperation between the agency, Municipality of Koper, Luka Koper and other subjects, mainly in the field of the joint promotion. Also the representative of the Municipality of Koper, Mrs. Jana Tolja, satisfied with the data , that an average guest had spent 38 euros for food, drinks, souvenirs and other purchases during a one day visit in the town Koper, shares the same view. At the very early stage, the Municipality of Koper had recognized the potential of such kind of tourism, therefore large investments have been made in the development of the town and the connection of local shop keepers and the catering business. Moreover, they have great expectations for the future, when a Cruise Terminal will be built making Koper a true “home-port”. 

This year's season of cruise ships was a little bit longer in comparison to the last year and namely from April 9 to November 1, highlighted the Koper Cruise Terminal Manager, Mr. Bojan Babič. During this time 45 vessels carrying 58.970 passengers were berthed. However, they were fewer than last year, but Koper has succeeded to attract more high price ranged shipowners. In next two years the number will fluctuate around 50 arrivals and 60.000 passengers. Anyhow, we have already got first shipowners bookings for the season 2016 and 2017.

The MS Amadea, the last cruise vessel visiting Koper in the season 2014.