Railway connection soon to be re-established


Today, the Luka Koper Management Board headed by President, Mr Gašpar Gašpar Mišič, held a special meeting with Mr Dušan Mes, the General Manager of the national railway operator, Slovenske Železnice (SŽ) and the Manager of Cargo Transport, Ms Melita Rozman Dacar. 
They discussed the re-establishment of the railway connection to the Port of Koper. Due to a natural disaster that caused considerable damage to the railway infrastructure, the Port of Koper has been cut off from the European railway network for several days. The most critical problem is the section of line between Borovnica – Pivka, where an ice storm damaged the power lines and the tracks have been blocked by fallen trees. 
Should there be no additional complications, the connection will be re-established within 48 hours. In the most badly damaged section the line will only be operated by diesel locomotives because the re-establishment of power lines will require a longer period of time. 
The meeting participants agreed to co-ordinate their activities both in regard to the repair operations as well as in regard to customer relations with their clients using the Port of Koper service.