New SPPX cranes to be consigned in late 2022


We have ordered super post-panamax cranes for the Container Terminal.

A few days ago, the Luka Koper signed a contract for the supply of two shore-to-ship cranes which will be installed in the new, extended part of the Container Terminal. Consignation and installation are anticipated in the last quarter of 2022. The technical characteristics of the cranes are practically identical to the last two cranes which were installed in April 2017. Owing to their reach, which enables cargo handling on ships 24 containers wide, the super post-panamax cranes allow work even on the largest container mother-ships. The purchase of the cranes is part of the company’s broader and most important project of the last decade, which includes the extension of Pier I and purchase of the relevant equipment. This will increase the terminal’s annual capacity to 1.3 million container units (TEUs) and, with additional improvements in work processes, to one and a half million TEUs. The investments will also increase the terminal’s productivity and competitiveness, with the aim of maintaining our dominance among Adriatic ports in the future.