Luka Koper shares record their highest rate of growth this year


Luka Koper d.d.’s successful performance in 2013 has also been reflected in the value of the company's shares. The average share price rose by nearly twenty percent last year, and this rate of growth has further increased in January this year. 

During 2013, the overall trading price of the LKPG share fluctuated between € 7.25 and € 11.44 on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. A total of 864,642 shares with an aggregate value of 7.92 million euros changed ownership. Despite the anticipated lower profits - due to nearly ten million euros of impairments which were themselves incurred as a consequence of failed investments in the past - share price growth has continued this year. Thus from the beginning of the year to 27th January 2014, the quoted price has risen by more than 25 percent to € 12.40 per share, which is very close to the € 12.80 target price anticipated last August and November by stock exchange analysts. 

LKPG share price (in euros) from the beginning of 2013 to 27th January 2014:


 "I am happy that regardless of attempts to present a distorted image of the company, we have managed to convince investors that Luka Koper - as a key competitive advantage for Slovenia - is a promising company enjoying huge development potentials. I am sure that the share value will further increase due to the fact that in addition to our development plans directed at cargo growth, the measures adopted to improve performance shall increase operating revenues and profit margins. Shareholders can thus expect higher dividends, which is ultimately their primary objective," commented Mr Gašpar Gašpar Mišič, President of the LK Management Board in relation to the recenr record growth in Luka Koper share value. 

The Management Board President firmly believes that in 2014 – which he has referred to as a year for accomplishing investments that should have been completed years ago – the company shall realise all those crucial infrastructure projects which are of essential importance to the further development of Luka Koper. Thus the company will also fulfil the commitments given to its business partners. Such optimism is based on record total revenues in the last quarter of 2013, together with its acquiring all the requisite permits and the launching of projects related to the dredging of Basin I. Through the intensified marketing of new port infrastructure, further growth in cargo throughput and revenues is to be expected. "Further to a healthy performance and media headlines such as "Luka Koper – this year’s stock exchange star", I am - as Management Board President - particularly proud of having been able to considerably enhance the positive atmosphere within the company; indeed, my colleagues undoubtedly deserve credit for the company’s success, and I would like to take this opportunity to publicly express my gratitude to them," affirmed Mr Gašpar Mišič. 

The LK Group's operating revenues in 2013 are estimated at 141.7 million euros, whereas net profit is anticipated to be to 8.2 million euros. Estimated net profit for 2013 is, in particular, affected by the impairment of real-estate values and financial investments, together with deferred taxes in the last quarter of 2013. Had there been no additional impairments in the last quarter of 2013, net profit for the Luka Koper Group would have amounted to 18 million euros. The first formal - but as yet non-audited - performance indicators are due to be published on 14th February.