Luka Koper has provided the possibility of e-business for over twenty years. During this time, the company has, in collaboration with the contractors, introduced a number of solutions which are regularly upgraded in order to facilitate and speed up the communication procedures related to the port's core activity of cargo handling and storage.

TinO Service

Developed in collaboration with the company Actual IT d.d., TinO application (Trženje in Operativa) which substituted the former HOST system, is constantly upgraded with the operative and business requirements of cargo handling and storage. TinO is a combination of TOS (terminal operation system) and Port Management system which supports ordering the services, planning of work, invoicing, storage, etc. In accordance with the Decision of the Customs Administration of the Republic of Slovenia from 2007, TinO has been the official system for keeping records of cargo within the Port of Koper area. The operation of the system based on the framework of Microsoft.NET includes establishing connections to various subsystems and background business information systems, based on software applications of the SAP company. 


To allow our clients the communication with the TinO system, we have developed the application Lunaris aimed at online ordering of services via the website

In addition to Lunaris, other solutions for communication with Luka Koper available in the market were, among others, developed by:

VBS (Vehicle Booking System)

The Vehicle Booking System (VBS) is an online platform of Luka Koper for making truck appointments, checking cargo status and scheduling plans, recording truck entries in the port, reviewing the validity of annual permits for entry into the port, and editing data for organisations booking truck appointments in the Port of Koper.


The specific requirements of the Container Terminal are met by the specialised TOS Tideworks system which replaced the former Cosmos system. For more information see


E-containerservice allows the client to check the status of containers at the Luka Koper's Container Terminal. The search parameters are as follows:

  • mode of transportation for an inbound/outbound container
  • date and hour of departure/arrival
  • status of the container (full/empty)
  • shipowner/carrier
  • ID number of loading/discharge order


The ACAR system supports specific management requirements of the Car Terminal storage areas. The solution allows an overall view of the storage areas occupancy as well as facilitates work planning.


The Warehouse Management System (WMS) developed by MENTEK is a specialised, bar-code management system for micro-distribution in the General Cargo Terminal.

Mobile app

With the mobile app for tablets and smartphones you can retrieve info about your container, check the vessels alongside berths, vessels ETAs and pilotage plans. The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows.