• In order to enter the area of the port of Koper, a toll has to be paid for each truck and the required documentation has to be settled.  
  • During the time needed to settle the documents, the drivers park their trucks at the Truck Terminal, located in front of the entrance of the Port of Koper. Here they pay the port entrance toll and parking fee for the time they are to spend at the terminal.   
  • The trucks carrying livestock are an exception. They pay the costs of the toll, cleaning, washing and disinfection of the vehicle at the entrance to the port, immediately before they enter. 

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In the port area, the lorries can drive only on the designated transport routes.
The lorries are not allowed to drive or stop at the operational surfaces or access ways, except for those that have a permit granted by the immediate operation manager for lorries and those lorries that are used by the workers at the port of Koper to perform their work.

Freight vehicles bringing cargo to the port can enter the economic zone (EZ) immediately before the unload, but only if they have an unload order and after paying the toll fee. After the unload they have to leave the EZ immediately.
Freight vehicles collecting the cargo may enter the EZ immediately before loading, but only with a load order  and after paying the toll fee.

The drivers have to follow the traffic ordinance, regulated with traffic signalisation and according to the Security Department employees.

The trucks can park only at the specified and marked areas.
A truck, which is not parked according to the regulations, will be removed from the EZ at the expense of the owner. 

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The truck terminal is a public parking facility for freight vehicles. The truck terminal is managed by the company Luka Koper INPO, d.o.o.

Truck terminal operation
The truck terminal is open 24 hours a day.
The terminal is illuminated and the entrance is supervised. 
Vehicle protection service requires additional payment and a special contract has to be signed. 

Available at the terminal:

  • telephone,
  • toilets and shower cabins,
  • day room with machines for cold and hot beverages.

Vehicles carrying livestock, special cargo or dangerous substances are not allowed at the truck terminal.
A truck headed to the Port of Koper can only leave the terminal with settled documents, issued by the forwarding agent, i.e. the load-unload order and the disposition. 

Price list of the truck terminal
Users of the truck terminal pay according to the current price list in Euros:

  • Parking fee for the period of time when the truck is parked at the truck terminal,
  • Port entrance toll fee.

It is possible to make a contract with a monthly payment for permanent use of parking facilities.

Additional information
For any additional information call +386 5 66 56 702 between 7.30 a.m. and  4 p.m.